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Ridgeway Community School is preschool to 5th grade Public Charter School located in southern Winona County.  Our vision is to be a growing school that is full of inquisitive learners practicing healthy living habits and becoming engaged community members.

The Ridgeway school building was constructed in 1965 after eight one-room school districts consolidated to form I.S.D. # 859 the Ridgeway School District.  In 1971 the Ridgeway School District joined Winona Public Schools at the direction of the Minnesota Department of Education and in 2001 Ridgeway Elementary School converted to Ridgeway Community School (C.S.D. # 4083) with Winona Area Public Schools serving as its sponsor (now Authorizer).   

The school's mission is to be an academically challenging school 

with an emphasis on community and wellness 

that leaves a positive lasting impact.

The student population has more than doubled from its original enrollment of 54 as there are now  125 PreK to 5th grade students enrolled.  The school’s charter sets our purpose as providing our kindergarten to fifth grade students a high quality, well-rounded, multi-age education by capitalizing on the assets of our rural community setting.  The school is located near the unincorporated village of Ridgeway in Winona County’s Pleasant Hill Township.  Since purchasing the building from Winona school in 2006, the school has undergone two major expansions and a substantial renovation.  

Ridgeway Community School is a Free Public Charter school governed by an independent board of directors that includes teachers, parents, and community members.  As a public charter school in Minnesota, Ridgeway Community School does not receive as much per pupil funding as typical public school districts do, and therefore must fundraise for most of our student enrichment and buildings and grounds improvements.  

Please take note of our current fundraising efforts to support our Classroom Technology and School Wellness Programs.  

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