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Unleash Your Inner Warrior!

At Ridgewater College, we believe in nurturing the potential of every student, no matter the challenges they face. Just like warriors, our students face challenges and difficulties, juggling their studies, work, and personal responsibilities. But sometimes, even the strongest students need a helping hand when life throws unexpected obstacles their way.

We are one flat tire, one small child, one week of reduced hours away from losing a student indefinitely. This is where YOU play a pivotal role! Your support for our Ridgewater Cares unrestricted fund can make a world of difference. Your generosity can help guide our students through their most difficult times. 

Here's how you can unleash your inner warrior:

  • Become a Heroic Donor: Your generous contribution, whether big or small, can protect our students from financial crises. Every dollar counts!
  • Rally Your Network: Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to embrace this mission. Warriors are strongest when united! Spread the word far and wide, and let's stand united for our students.

Remember, when you support our students, you're not just donating; you are choosing to connect with our college and are helping build a path to success for our community.

Join us in our mission to empower our students through their educational journeys. Unleash your inner warrior, and together, we shall conquer financial hardships and pave the way for brighter futures!

Because of donations to the Ridgewater Cares Unrestricted fund, these students are now able to receive help when they're in urgent financial situations that impact their school experiences. Your generosity means reaching more students, awarding more scholarships, and providing emergency resources in times of need. 

Together, let's create a story of support for our students on this give to the max day 2023! 


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