Prairie's Edge Humane Society

Prairie's Edge Humane Society (PEHS) serves as a temporary home for lost, homeless and unwanted animals.

At Prairie's Edge Humane Society we take them all, including the sick, injured and the old and provide these animals with a temporary home as well as the medical and emotional attention they may need until a permanent loving home is found for them.  Many animals spend several months with us while they rehabilitate or wait for that perfect home.  Animals do not run out of time at Prairie's Edge Humane Society, they stay with us until they are adopted into their forever homes, there is never a time limit.

PEHS serves many communities in southern Minnesota.  Some of the many services we provide are sheltering and rehoming of homeless animals, medical care and rehabilitation of homeless animals, facilitating low cost spay/neuter services, microchip identification service, public education on animal welfare, responsible pet care education, animal lost and found information, re-uniting lost pets with owners, pet overpopulation education, school and senior facility pet visits, volunteer and foster opportunities as well as sponsor many animal related community events. 

Many animals come to us with numerous medical issues and needs.  Because PEHS has an in house veterinarian as well as other medical and professional staff these animals receive care they could not receive elsewhere and would normally be euthanized. At PEHS we work to heal their injuries and illnesses at our facility or in foster care until they are eventually healthy enough for adoption.  Our dedicated staff and volunteers care for these animals as if they were their own personal animals, with love, comfort and dignity.  

PEHS houses an average of over 70 homeless cats at any given time in our facility between the adoption floor and the medical and impound areas.  We are also able to house and care for other small companion animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, pet rats, gerbils, etc. at our facility. The animals physically housed at Prairie's Edge Humane Society each receive personal attention as well as play time on a daily basis.  

The homeless dogs who come to PEHS are housed in foster homes where they are cared for by wonderful volunteers.  PEHS provides these foster homes with all food, supplies and medical care for the dog while in the foster home until they are adopted into a permanent home.  Housing the dogs in foster homes allows the dog to thrive and show their true personality.  

Animals are brought to us from various situations.  Many are owner surrenders who for various reasons are unable to stay in their current home with their current owner.  Some are strays or lost animals who are brought to us in hopes that we can find their owners.  If these animals are not reunited with their owners in the allotted time frame the animal is then placed for adoption through our facility.  Some are animals who have been left along a road, in a ditch, in a rest area or left behind when the owner moves out, to fend for themselves by uncaring individuals.  PEHS takes in these animals, treats their ailments, teaches them to trust again and rehomes them into loving, caring, proper homes.   

Prior to adoption all animals from Prairie's Edge Humane Society receive a general health examination from our veterinarian to access and treat any health issues, are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, treated for ear mites and microchipped.  All dogs are heartworm tested and all cats are Feline Leukemia/FIV tested and heartworm tested.   

But Prairie's Edge Humane Society cannot continue to help these many animals without your help.  The cost to house and care for this many animals is incredible.  Won't you consider a donation?  Your donation today will help us to save another life.

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