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The need for this work is apparent.

In 2020, what Black folx knew about systemic racism in this country became apparent to the rest of the world. We dealt with many tragic losses that gave breath to powerful Black voices that could finally be heard. We opened up about our experiences, our well-being and our desire for individual and societal change. 

From those powerful voices, we learned three things:

  1. Black folx ARE open to mental health. 

    The common belief that Black folks don't go to therapy is a myth. About 75% of market research survey participants said that they have had experiences with mental health. The issue is that we often have trouble accessing services that meet our needs.

  2. Black folx are looking for providers with a commitment to anti-racism and social justice. 

  3. One of the most significant barriers to mental health services is the cost.

Reviving Roots Therapy & Wellness is located in South Minneapolis, MN just a few blocks away from where George Floyd was publicly lynched. This, among many other interpersonal and societal injustices over generations has left the Black community searching for healing. But support is often hard to find. 

Your donation will help Reviving Roots meet its mission of supporting a legacy of health and healing in the Black community. 

100% of proceeds go to funding high quality, culturally responsive mental health services for the Black community provided by Reviving Roots Therapy & Wellness.

Your donation is 501c3 tax deductible through fiscal sponsor WoMN Act.

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