Reuniting After War

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We need your help now more than ever. In the past year with Covid-19 restrictions, we have been very limited as to how we can raise money.  The main thing that has sustained us is monthly donations. Would you consider becoming a monthly donor?  No monthly amount is too small. You may stop your contributions at any time.  As always, one time donations are appreciated too. All support raised will go towards future reunions, starting in 2021. You may visit our website to sign up for our newsletter to keep track of what we are doing.

Help Veterans Reunite!

The average cost to to attend a reunion is $1200 per veteran!

We provide and arrange air and ground travel, lodging and meals for 4 day, 3 night reunions!

We are 100% volunteer operated and donation funded!

"The stuff we all went through at war makes it tough to tell civilians  about. To be able to see and reconnect with these guys and talk about what we went through, both good and bad, was a weight lifted off my chest."

" Our bond forged by the extraordinary sacrifice in the most violent country and the consequences of being a Marine in 2004 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Many of us had been silent about that experience until Reunited After War presented us with a chance to begin healing"

"This reunion helped a lot of us gain some prospective on incidents that occurred during our deployment. These guys are my heroes and this organization allowed some of us they may have never been financially able to drive or fly to reunite, to come together 12 years later. “

“There is no better therapy than reconnecting with the guys who stood next to you in war. While we have mostly gone our separate ways, there is no doubt we have similar recollections of the event that forged our bonds. There is nobody out there that better understands what we faced and nobody who can better relate to the internal struggles that some of us still deal with today."  

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