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Rethos is who we are. 

Reimagining Places is what we do.

Supporting Rethos means investing in the heart of Minnesota's communities. 

1. Community Revitalization: Rethos is dedicated to revitalizing Main Streets across Minnesota, breathing new life into local economies and fostering vibrant, thriving communities. By supporting Rethos, you're directly contributing to the revitalization of these vital cultural hubs.

2. Historic Preservation: Our communities are rich with history and heritage, reflecting the stories and traditions of generations past. Rethos is committed to preserving this heritage by advocating for the protection and adaptive reuse of historic buildings, ensuring that they remain an integral part of our community fabric for generations to come. We work with people of all ages, from educational programming highlighting architecture and preservation for our youth to window repair and plaster work classes for adults.

3. Economic Development: Our Main Streets and our Doors Open Minneapolis programs are economic engines, driving tourism, supporting local businesses, and creating jobs. By supporting Rethos, you're helping to stimulate economic growth and opportunity in communities across Minnesota.

4. Cultural Enrichment: Doors Open Minneapolis celebrates our city's architectural diversity and cultural heritage by opening the doors to some of its most iconic buildings and hidden gems. Your support enables Rethos to continue organizing events like Doors Open Minneapolis, enriching our community's cultural landscape and providing unique educational experiences for residents and visitors alike.

5. Sustainability: Preservation and adaptive reuse are not just about preserving the past; they're also about building a sustainable future. By reimagining historic buildings for modern use, Rethos promotes sustainability and environmental stewardship, reducing the carbon footprint associated with new construction and preserving our natural resources. We provide educational programming to people n our communities who want to learn how to preserve and celebrate their homes and businesses. 

Your generous investments make a difference in communities all across Minnesota. Whether you are passionate about preserving historically significant structures, ensuring vibrant economies and beautiful spaces on your own Main Street, or if you just need to know how to repair or maintain your own "vintage" home -- Rethos is here for you.  The Rethos: Places Reimagined Campaign '24 is a great way to join your friends and neighbors in supporting small businesses, skilled craftspeople, artists, and others working to preserve those special places and generating economic reinvestment. Please make your gift today!

About Rethos:

We reimagine, rehabilitate, revitalize, repurpose, rekindle, restore, reconnect, reuse, and reinvest. Through a variety of programs, our unique approach is how places and communities are reimagined. This work starts at home, then spills out to our block, our neighborhood, our city and state, until it covers our entire region with no boundaries or limits.

Our mission has expanded beyond the traditional work of historic preservation. We have added new programs and initiatives and are active in more towns and cities across Minnesota (and beyond!). Learn more by visiting today.

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