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Residents United works to improve the quality of communities for families, by helping to develop, produce and manage affordable housing in safe neighborhoods: including rental units and options for home ownership. 


The residents of Broadmoor Valley Mobile Home Park are under siege by a ruthless parklord and tyrannical management. Many legal and ethical violations are being perpetrated toward the residents of the park, but very few residents have the means to hire a lawyer.

Examples include:
1. Rental of homes in deplorable conditions to vulnerable populations.
2. Refusal to repair roads to a condition that is passable by city standards.
3. Refusal to allow school buses access to the park. Even very small children and children with special needs are forced to walk up to a half mile to the entrance of the park, even in harsh Minnesota winter weather.
4. Standing water throughout park is in violation of state health code and one case of West Nile virus has been reported in the park.
5. Refusal of management to be accessible in case of emergency as required by Minnesota statute.
6. Giving residents 48 hour notice to clear up lease violations when 30 days is standard practice.
7. Threatening eviction multiple times to people with issues in management's own accounting system, placing the burden on residents to prove that they are in fact paid up to date.
8. Refusal by management to adhere to park rules they are using to threaten residents.

The need for these funds is immediate. Residents have been served with eviction notices using false claims of assault and other unlawful tactics. 

Anything that you can do to assist our community in obtaining legal representation is appreciated. 

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