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Remedi-Reliable Equipment Medical Education Delivered Internationally

 We are volunteer medical professionals who bring medical equipment and training to under-served hospitals and clinics in other countries which are in critical need of live-saving medical equipment. Our program has proven to save lives and greatly improve medical care. 

 We are currently fundraising to purchase an ultrasound machine for Port Antonio Hospital which will be our fifth site in rural Jamaica. Typical of small Jamaican hospitals, this hospital has only x-ray technology.  There is no access to CAT scans, MRI scan,  or ultrasound.  Ultrasound is an ideal intervention as it is portable and less expensive than the other technologies. 

Ultrasound is not only a mainstay in obstetrics but also invaluable for trauma cases such as car accidents. While x-ray can detect broken bones, ultrasound  can reveal such conditions as internal bleeding and collapsed lungs. In surgical patients, it can detect gallbladder disease, appendicitis, and fluid accumulations in the chest and abdomen. It can detect deep vein clots and aortic aneurysms. 

Ultrasound is also an important tool in procedures such as draining fluid, starting IV's, and removing foreign bodies. Remedi's ultrasound machines are also being used for bedside echocardiograms to detect heart valve abnormalities, congestive heart issues, and for cardiac arrests. We have involved a cardiologist as part of our training program and for CME (continuing medical education) conferences held for the Jamaican physicians. 

We continue to return to our hospital sites to advance the skills of our trainees and provide technical support for the equipment.  

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