Reiser Relief

To provide relief, hope and dignity to the poor, elderly and homeless people of Haiti.

Our mission is to provide relief, hope and dignity to the poor, elderly and homeless people of Haiti.To provide relief from malnutrition and water born illness by providing food and clean water to women, children and elderly living in slums and impoverished situations.To provide hope for the poorest children and orphans by funding education and housing.To strive, by the Grace and Greatness of God, to be the hands and feet of Christ in serving the most vulnerable Haitians.

We focus on 5 ministries:

  • Water.  There is a desperate need for fresh water in Haiti to help prevent the spread of parasites and bacteria.  We deliver fresh chlorinated water to Cite Soleil, the slums of Port au Prince, 6 days a week, year round.  The Haitians wait in line with buckets and dishpans to collect the water to use for cooking, drinking and bathing.  We are one of the few mission groups that goes into Cite Soleil as it is considered a dangerous area, so the people there are very dependant on the water we deliver.  


  • Education can provide hope and opportunity for the future of Haiti, a country where currently 50% of the population is illiterate and only half the children attend school.  Reiser Relief supports four schools in Haiti helping to educate over 1,000 children.  We recently started a university scholarship program to further the education of bright students from Cite Soleil.


  • Orphan care. All children are a blessing from God. Haitian children may be orphaned because of death or illness of a parent, abandonment or disabilities. Reiser Relief partners with orphan homes that seek to re-unite children with parents when possible, and to give them love and care they need if they have nowhere else to go. We support three homes in the Port au Prince area. Through your support, we are able to donate money to purchase food, necessities, and education scholarships. 


  • Food.  Hunger is a daily reality for many Haitians. Reiser Relief has partnered with Feed My Starving Children for a number of years to provide emergency food relief and to students in the schools that we sponsor and when natural disasters occur. For many children, the meal that they receive in school is the only food they receive all day.


  • Eldercare.  Fr. Reiser’s first project in Haiti was to construct an care facility for abandoned elderly women in Leogane.  Currently 40 women are lovingly cared for by The Haitian Sisters the Companion of Jesus.  The same Haitian sisters manage another home for orphaned elderly women. With your support we funded a renovation of the home. We also provide on-going financial support for food and medical care. We also partner with the Little Sisters of St Therese of the Infant Jesus in SW Haiti to care for 32 elderly and vulnerable adults..


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