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Rein in Sarcoma | Increase Awareness. Increase Survivors.

By supporting Rein in Sarcoma, you educate the public and medical community about sarcomas, support sarcoma patients and their loved ones, and fund life-saving research.  All donations made to Rein in Sarcoma through Give to the Max day are being matched, up to $10,000, through the kindness of an anonymous partner. 

Rein In Sarcoma formed in 2001 to raise awareness about sarcoma cancers. Sarcomas are aggressive cancers found in connective tissues, bone or soft tissue, throughout the body. Sarcoma cancers are in the top five childhood cancers. Adults also are diagnosed with soft tissue or bone sarcomas. 

A critical element for successful medical outcomes is early diagnosis. Rein in Sarcoma works closely with medical professionals to promote earlier, accurate diagnoses of all patients with a suspicious lump, bump, or bruise. 

You can help Rein in Sarcoma broaden our outreach to assist sarcoma patients and their families through outreach, education, and support of sarcoma research.

Help Rein in Sarcoma Increase Awareness. | Increase Survivors.


RIS Programs

Patient and Family Support – RIS is a major form of support and inspiration for often a very lonely disease. We provide information and inspiration to sarcoma patients, families, and survivors. RIS does this through:

  • “Peer to Peer” patient support and mentorship
  • Free Sarcoma Patient Starter Notebooks
  • Monthly coffee meetups 
  • Rein in Sarcoma gatherings throughout the year to include our annual Patient Picnic Party in the Park, Winter Gathering and Rein in Sarcoma Remembers

Education & Awareness – Sarcomas are too often delayed in diagnosis. With education and awareness, thousands of lives can be saved. RIS provides:

  • Red Flags education materials vetted by our Medical Advisory Board of sarcoma experts from Mayo Clinic, MN Children’s Hospitals and Clinics and the University of Minnesota
  • Medical student education and sarcoma scholarships including the Jan Maudlin RIS Sarcoma Scholars scholarships

Sarcoma Research – working through our medical partnerships, Rein in Sarcoma has funded research grants to the University of Minnesota, MN Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, Mayo Clinic - Rochester, Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville, and Case Western Reserve.


Sarcomas are aggressive types of cancers that occur in the connective tissues of the body. Approximately 15,000 new cases of soft tissue and bone sarcomas are diagnosed each year in the United States. While rare among adults (less than 2% of all adult cancers), sarcoma cancers are among the top five most commonly diagnosed cancers affecting children.


Rein in Sarcoma has funded over $2 million by the Foundation which has leveraged 13.4 million for sarcoma research. Although significant, the money is only a small part of our story. We are a small but mighty nonprofit organization dedicated to sarcoma patients, survivors and their families. We represent all who come to celebrate life and hope for those with sarcoma.

We are a community of dedicated doctors, nurses, volunteers, donors, staff, thrivors (survivors), and loved ones committed to improving the lives of all who have been touched by sarcoma cancers. 

"Research and education are the cornerstones for improving sarcoma patient survival and quality of life."                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Dr. Denis Clohisy, University of Minnesota


We are the story of every sarcoma survivor who becomes part of our community, bringing a new level of energy and hope to all touched by sarcoma cancer. Research, fellowship, support, and caring are a powerful mix. A mixture that has given Rein in Sarcoma a proven track record for success. 

None of this would have been possible without the efforts hundreds of volunteers and the support of over 3,500 contributors, supporters, corporate sponsors, sarcoma patients and loved ones.

Join us through your donation, by volunteering, or by attending the Annual Rein in Sarcoma event at Cafesjian's Carousel in Como Park, Monday, July 31, 2023. Check our website for more details.

Stronger Together

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