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The mission of The Regeneration Center is to Minister healing to the whole person through Christ-centered teaching and Biblical training.In order to fulfill this mission The Regeneration Center focuses on three areas of ministry: Seminars Counseling Residential Programs Each of these areas provide a varying degree of personal interaction. The seminars provide teaching in a group setting. The counseling provides teaching in small group and one-on-one settings. The residential programs provide teaching and training through daily interaction for an extended period of time.


The Regeneration Center is a multifaceted ministry. Our mission revolves around teaching and training. We are seeking to fulfill our mission through three different approaches.1) Seminars and Video Classes:Seminars are usually presented at a local church. The Regeneration Center staff can present the seminars or we can help churches or other Christian groups plan and organize seminars presented by staff from Freedom in Christ Ministries, Growing Families International and other Christian organizations.Video classes are usually presented at a person's home. If a person or couple want to sponsor a video class The Regeneration Center will provide a facilitator who has been trained to facilitate a study using video resources provided by Freedom in Christ Ministries or Growing Families International. The sponsors invite whomever they want to attend the class.2) Counseling The Regeneration Center has not yet established a Counseling Center, however we are involved in one-on-one teaching and small group studies. We also provide non-professional, Biblically based advice and pray with individuals who are hurting.3) Residential Programs As part of our mission to provide Biblical training The Regeneration Center currently has two discipleship homes for men. In the future we want to be able to provide other residential programs including Women's discipleship homes and crisis pregnancy centers.

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