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Range Mental Health Center has provided over 50 years of people helping people in Northeast Minnesota.

Without regard for their race, area of residence or economic well-being, mild to severe mental illness strikes one in five Americans each year.  For one in twenty, the malady will persist with a seriously debilitating effect. But whether mild or severe, the illness can be treated with full recovery or at least remission, allowing a return to a productive and
fulfilling life.  Unfortunately, especially when the illness is of a more persistent type, early treatment seldom occurs, leading to difficulty in the classroom, workplace and family aswell as with friends.  For related reasons, those with a severe mental illness die at an average of 25 years earlier than their healthy peers.

The Range Mental Health Center is the major mental health provider in Northeast Minnesota, providing treatment to over 7,300 individuals a year and covering over 6,400 square miles, providing services to all age groups, races, social classes and disabilities. We provide services to children, families, adults, nursing home residents, retirees, and veterans. The center's mission is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to our citizens by helping them reach and maintain dignified lives.

Established in 1961 with a staff of two, the Center now employs over 250 staff.   We provide outpatient, inpatient, residential group homes, supportive apartments, school based services, home based and drop-in services. We are located in Virginia, Hibbing, and Ely. Elementary age children in each of the Range schools have access to a Range Mental Health Center counselor. The array of services has been recognized as a model both statewide and nationally.

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