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For its inaugural film release, Rainbow World acquired the North American distribution rights to "Approved for Adoption" (original title, Couleur de peau: miel), an animated autobiographical documentary based upon film director Jung Henin's personal story of his adoption from South Korea to French-speaking Belgium. The film is an adaptation of an original graphic novel series authored by Jung Henin.

Rainbow World hopes to raise $10,500 to support the creation of educational materials and community based educational initiatives associated with the film. These efforts will serve to both educate and bring attention to the voices, stories and valuable life experiences from the international/transracial adoption community.

In addition, Rainbow World hopes to secure $25,000 in funds to help with efforts to publish a limited film edition of Book #1 in the 3-book graphic novel series that the film is based upon.

For #GTMD13, we have designated POWER HOURS focusing our fundraising for the following projects:

9:00 a – 12:00 p
Educational curricula for “Approved for Adoption” 
Development of curriculums for use in both high school and college level teaching settings.

12:00 p – 3:00 p 
Film discussion guide for “Approved for Adoption”
For use in professional settings (i.e. adoption agencies, mental health providers, social service agencies)

3:00 p – 6:00 p
Educational Community Screenings of “Approved for Adoption”
Bringing the film directly to communities across the United States.

6:00 p – 9:00 p
Translation and Publishing of the original graphic novel series
Translating and publishing a limited film edition of Book #1 in the 3-book series from which the film was adapted.

Please support Rainbow World by making a tax-deductible contribution to facilitate creating companion educational materials for the film “Approved for Adoption” that will help ensure the film has a long term impact in encouraging a deeper understanding about international/transracial adoption.

Share your "Approved for Adoption" Story on our website

As part of GTMD this year everyone will have a chance to receive the following:

  • An original animated image from the film signed by the film's director
  • A signed Blu-ray copy of the film and letter from the director
  • Original film poster and complimentary ticket to the Minneapolis opening

All those who donate $1000 or more will receive a VIP dinner with Rainbow World's founder and film director, Jung Henin for the Minneapolis opening. 

What's New?
Approved for Adoption
Rainbow World is excited to have the theatrical release of Approved for Adoption in New York City on November 8. The film will travel to Los Angeles on November 22.

The film will open in Minneapolis sometime during the first quarter of 2014.

Coming soon
Documenting Minnesota's Korean Adoption Community
The history of Korean Adoption in Minnesota and its community is one segment of "The Voices of Adoption Project" (working title).

About Rainbow World
Rainbow World is a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting, creating and distributing multimedia educational content about the international/transracial adoption experience.

Our mission is to foster deeper global understanding about the many complex issues that emerge from the international/transracial adoption experience by bringing greater visibility and access to educational multimedia content about transracial/international adoption.

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