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More than ever before, our community has turned to nature for refuge

Nature brings us together even when we are apart. During this year of change and uncertainty, Quarry Hill Nature Center became a place where people could explore safely and find joy in the simplicity of nature. 

It is clear that nature provides important health benefits, even for those who cannot set foot in the park or participate in our programs. With your strong support, we are committed to branching out to sustain meaningful connections to the natural world for all in our community.

Like educators throughout the nation we’ve charted a new path forward, reducing barriers and creating COVID-safe natural science learning and experiences:

  • This Week in the Wild, filmed by our naturalists and focused on phenology, is a free resource that teachers and families across Southeast Minnesota are using to enhance their science curriculum. Distance learning programs have  brought us into classrooms like never before. 
  • In-person youth programs like Field Days were successfully piloted this summer and with health and safety modifications will continue throughout the year to provide big adventure in a short time! 
  • Outdoor community programs like Sundays at Quarry Hill, Creatures of the Night and Friday Night Lights provide small, safe, nature experiences for all ages. 
  • Community Outreach through our virtual programming allows us to reach into senior communities, Mayo Children’s Hospital, schools and homes bringing the sights and sounds of the park, animals and our staff to as many in our community as possible.

Over the past months, we have branched out to reach a wider audience and adapted to provide Covid safe programming. 

However, because we can only operate at a fraction of our normal capacity and due to cancelled fundraising events, rentals, and  summer camp we must offset major losses  with donations to help sustain access to vital nature-based learning and robust programming in 2021 and beyond.

With challenges  still ahead, our work is more dependent than ever on supporters like you.

Please consider a donation at this most important time. Your support  ensures the success of these programs and our ability to move ahead with staff dedicated to adapting and growing to meet the challenges before us. 

 We believe in the power of  community to keep Quarry Hill Nature Center growing, thriving, and accessible to all.

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