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Pulse exists to make Jesus known and to equip His followers to do the same. People need Jesus, and are more hungry for the Gospel than ever before — we believe this is the greatest evangelistic opportunity of our lifetime. 

Since Pulse began in 2006, God has opened doors for Nick Hall and Pulse to take the Gospel around the world. Over 300 million people have heard the Gospel through Nick Hall and Pulse, and nearly 2 million people have responded through our digital and live events — with over 1.4 million responding in the last year and a half. Through digital resources, online events, and in-person gatherings, Pulse is equipping the next generation to bring the light of Jesus to this world.

Pulse is on mission to: 

Reach the Lost: Students today are passionate about countless cultural issues but often silent on what matters most. Nick Hall is inviting these young people to reset their lives to Jesus and this fall, we are bringing the Gospel to the University of Houston, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Arizona State. Additionally, we are planning international outreach throughout Russia and Eastern Europe, and another Good Friday Campaign in 2022 after we saw over 1.1 million Gospel responses across 186 nations in April 2021.                                                        

Equip the Next Generation: In June 1972, Billy Graham and Bill Bright led a gathering of 70,000 young people at a great revival in Dallas, equipping a generation of “Jesus People” to share the Gospel. The event ended with a candlelight commissioning, and the light coming from the Cotton Bowl was so bright that calls came into the local fire department “The Cotton Bowl is on fire.” We need that fire of revival today. Next June 24-25, exactly 50 years after Explo ‘72, Pulse will hold Together ‘22, the largest evangelistic training event in American history. We’ll gather again at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, a modern-day Jesus movement uniting, equipping, and unleashing a generation to Make Jesus Known to the nations.

Unleash the Evangelists: If we’re going to reach the lost, we’ll need an army completely sold out to the good news of Jesus. Pulse is looking for 100 fearless 18-29 year old leaders on fire for Jesus, willing to devote their lives to preaching the Gospel. This fall, our first cohort of 83 young evangelists launched — these young men and women will be equipped, mentored, and encouraged in their evangelistic callings within this year-long training program. We believe the Pulse 100 will be a launching pad for evangelists to rise up around the world. 


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