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Since 1983, Public Radio International has been identifying and nurturing unheard voices and different points of view so that people gain a more complete picture of the world in which we live. Through powerful and engaging stories you can hear on broadcast, podcast, and read online and on mobile, we seek to create a more informed, empathetic and connected world. These stories come from...

  •  PRI’s The World, the only daily public media news program explicitly designed to make global news and events contextual and relevant for US audiences.Series like “Across Women's Lives” provide in-depth looks into stories of women and girls changing their worlds and ours, and our content focuses like Global Nation help people better understand the lived experiences of immigrants and their children who are making the US their home.
  • The Takeaway, a weekday news program that features unique conversations about topics of the day with both news makers and diverse voices. The program invites listeners to learn more and become part of the American conversation both on-air and online.
  • Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen continues to challenge listeners to tap into their creative selves and see art through the lens of design, architecture and even science. This Peabody award-winning show also brings you the popular “American Icons” series, which examines works of literature, music, film, architecture, design or visual art that have achieved “icon” status in American culture.

Please consider donating to PRI, and helping ensure we keep providing the quality programming that clarifies the complicated, and interconnected world around us and inspires us to affect change in the world. When you give to PRI, you are saying YES to a more informed, empathetic and connected world. 

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In which Marco Werman, host of "PRI's The World", gives you an inside-the-newsroom brief on today's (5/20/14) show. Support from people like you make our non-profit news coverage possible.

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