Our PTA works to support the students, families, teachers, and staff of Randolph Heights Elementary School in St. Paul, MN.

As a non-profit organization, the Randolph Heights PTA focuses on: 

  • Building our school community — through volunteering, social events, activities and ongoing projects, teams, and committees.
  • Providing information and facilitating communication between and among families, the school and the district.
  • Raising money to support learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, and helping our students and teachers with special initiatives.    
In all our activities we emphasize enriching the learning experience of students and their families both in the classroom and beyond. Our major initiatives include:

Educational Grants

Our annual Direct Teacher grants and library endowment fun provide consistent, predictable funding to teachers and classrooms in support of the current curriculum or new opportunities. 

Artists in Residence

New for the 2014-15 school year, we are introducing an Artists in Residence program. Each class will receive funding to pay for a one-week visit from a professional artist to enrich our Core Knowledge curriculum with complementing, hands-on, personal experiences with art or traditions from the cultures, people or historical period being studied.

Special Purchases

The PTA may fund one-time or special purchases that support learning, such as new sound equipment, musical instruments, and classroom equipment like projectors and iPad accessories.

Teacher Appreciation

The Teacher Appreciation program provides meals or snacks for school conference days and many activities during Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring.

Field Trip Support

The PTA provides funding for field trip buses, as well as scholarship funds for the annual 5th grade trip to Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center.

Recognition and Fun

The PTA also supports School Patrol Recognition, Fifth Grade Graduation, Track and Field Day, kindergarten programs, and other activities that build community and enhance learning.

Doing Good Together

Doing Good Together is a time for Randolph Heights families to come together for an evening of community service work.

All-School Events

All-school events — such as our Fall Festival and Spring Picnic — are eagerly anticipated by students and lots of fun for parents and grandparents, too. These events help build a strong Randolph Heights community.

Green & Healthy Kids

Green & Healthy Kids works with parents, teachers, and school and district leaders to advocate for healthy, happy students and a safer, less wasteful environment at school, at home, and in our community.

Garden Crew

Our school has a lot of gardens! They are kept looking great by parent, staff, and student volunteers who enjoy several gardening days together in the fall and spring.


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