The Whittier International PTA financially supports programs and events that build community and grow IB learning in our school.

On November 17, 2016, celebrate Give to the Max Day 2016 (#GTMD16) with us by donating to Whittier International Elementary School's PTA! For #GTMD16, our goal is to raise $10,000 for our school with at least 100 donors participating on Give to the Max Day. To donate now, select a $ amount to the right and click "donate." Your support of the Whittier International community is invaluable.

Our participation in Give to the Max Day is in lieu of asking students and families to fund raise door-to-door, collect money from family, friends, and coworkers, or sell and deliver goods. Participating in GTMD is a painless, easy way to donate to the PTA and support our cause! Your donation helps the PTA achieve its mission, and support our hardworking students, teachers, and staff at Whittier International Elementary.

What does the Whittier International PTA do??
Our PTA's mission is to be: a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for all families and communities, a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child, and an enabler for enhancing the relationship between home and school. The Whittier International PTA's primary functions are to:
  • Sponsor programs & events that celebrate the diversity of our school community, enrich the learning environment for our students, and promote healthful living and wellness
  • Fund raise to financially support effective school programs
  • Enhance communication between home and school
  • Advocate for all communities in our school, for better education for all students, and to build understanding of the IB primary-years program
Why does the Whittier International PTA need your money??
The PTA raises money to support the PTA's mission, and to support critical school programs; our teachers, staff, and administration; and our students.

The PTA's annual budget funds school-wide events, programs, supplies, and resources. The objective of this financial support is to build community and grow IB learning in our school. Your donation to the PTA on Give to the Max Day benefits our entire school community enhancing our children's global educational experience and well-being. Your contribution matters.

How would the $10,000 we raise on Give to the Max Day be used to benefit all students at Whittier International Elementary School?
  • Amity Internship Program: The Amity intern is a vital component of Whittier's world language and heritage language programs. The Amity intern provides world language Spanish instruction to students and supports the Spanish heritage language program. Whittier PTA is fully funding this program and actively exploring providing a second Amity to the school is sufficient money can be raised.
  • Field Trips: Learning outside the classroom through field trips to the Kelley Farm Homestead, Bakken Museum, and the Children's Theater Company, for example, expand our students' opportunities for inquiry and engagement with the world around them.
  • MacPhail-Whittier Partnership: Whittier International partners with MacPhail Center for Music to enrich music instruction in all grades K-5 at Whittier. This partnership is funded through grants from MacPhail and fundraising by Whittier's PTA.
  • Classroom Resources: The PTA provides financial reimbursement to teachers and staff to purchase materials/supplies or pay other education-related expenses which aren't part of the district budget. Examples include author talks, carts for mobile classrooms, learning software, mailboxes, rugs, and more. 
Be a part of the Whittier International community, donate today! Thank you!
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