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Preventing Sexual Abuse & Restoring Lives

“People are confused, you get us on our journey, you challenge us to stay on the path to health, you see the light before we do.” – Former PPI Client

At Project Pathfinder, Inc. we envision a world free from sexual abuse. Our mission is to prevent sexual violence and abuse, protect community interests, and improve the lives of clients, their families and the wider community. For the past 25 years PPI has been one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Minnesota providing a full spectrum of prevention programming including:

  • Assessment and evaluation services to assess psychological, social, sexual, behavioral and relational functioning
  • Clinical treatment of harmful sexual behaviors, assisting clients in recognizing and addressing unhealthy behaviors so that they learn to live honorable lives
  • Community education and outreach to share knowledge and tools needed to recognize signs and risk factors and intervene to prevent or stop sexual abuse

Sexually abusive behavior is both treatable and preventable. We view a sexually abusive act as an interpersonal violation and as a symptom of underlying psychosocial dysfunction. Through the use of clinical interviews, psychological testing, and medical / psychiatric exams, we address the need for treatment amenability and venue, risk issues, and the need for additional services.

Using what we know about the factors that contribute to sexual abuse, we implement programs that stop abuse from happening in the first place. We work with our clients to develop effective behavior management skills and to resolve the underlying issues that allowed the offense to happen. We emphasize developing meaningful and rewarding relationships along with a socially healthy and appropriate lifestyle.

Our staff specializes in psychology, clinical social work, marriage & family therapy and group therapy. Our sex offender treatment program is an intensive outpatient experience including orientation, weekly group therapy, bimonthly individual therapy and aftercare. We provide specialized evaluation and treatment services, including groups for specific populations (ex. Hmong, Low-Risk, Women, DD, offenders with extensive criminal history, and those who have a history of impulsive, compulsive or addictive sexual behaviors).


“I felt accepted, not shamed ” – Former PPI Client


“At first I came with a lot of fear and never thought I’d make it. I was able, with lots of support, was able to change my way of thinking and communicating with others. I’m so grateful for my time here as I have built a better life for myself and others.” - Former PPI Client

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