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Together with Print the Love, YOU can help spread kindness and peace across the globe with the gift of a photo!

Take a moment and ponder …What is your favorite photograph from your childhood? Do you have a cherished picture of a family member or dear friend? Are there special events captured on film that bring you so much joy when you revisit them?… And now imagine you don't have those photographs. Imagine you have never even had a photograph in your possession, never had a picture of your newborn baby, or your grandparent who has now passed on. Or imagine that the one photo you had of you and your best friend was burned in a fire, lost in a flood, or destroyed in an earthquake.

Simply, we at Print the Love, LOVE to give away instant photographs to international under-resourced communities who do not have access to these unique treasures. A straightforward mission with a profound impact. But we need YOU to continue this work!

What began as a single trip to bring photos to the healing people of Rwanda has now become a huge vision to serve the world. There is no other organization doing what Print the Love is. Print the Love is about more than just giving away a photograph to those who have none. It is about hope, love, and encouragement. It is about uplifting others, helping them see the beauty in themselves regardless of their circumstance.  

We have a big vision to accomplish by 2033! It is our goal to give away over 100,000 photos in the next 10 years! Your gift today provides film. Each piece of film that instantly turns into a beautiful photograph and cherished treasure costs $1.  A treasure they will most likely keep for the rest of their lives and a simple yet profound way to say "I see you. You are important." 

The good news is that your financial support today will be DOUBLED! The first gifts made up to $6,425 will be matched by a generous donation from the Board of Directors! That means that every $5 you donate will be turned into $10! $20 into $40! $50 into $100! That means we can give 100 photos to people who would otherwise not have them. You get the idea! This is a tremendous opportunity to double your impact! Every dollar, every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference!

WOW!! In the last 8 years, we have given over 17,000 photos in 27 countries on 5 continents because of donors like you! We have met mothers who never had a photo taken with their children and teachers who never had a picture of their students. We met countless children who wept or were overcome by joy when they received their photo. Time and time again, the positive feedback we received was remarkable. And we just keep growing! 2024 should be our most significant year yet, with your help!

Will you consider partnering with us? Your financial support has the potential to impact the global community for good on an immense scale!

Lastly, we believe that kindness is contagious and telling everyone, including yourself, that you are important, matters. Please spread the love by contacting a family member or friend today, just to let them know they are loved.

Thank you for your support and generosity!!! We couldn't do this without you!


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