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We started PRIME because women of a certain age weren’t being represented on stage as the amazing people they are.  And now, the irony is that because of the pandemic many of our audience are part of the most vulnerable community, so returning to PRIME to see those stories becomes especially risky.  We promise you that when we reopen (and we sincerely hope that will be with THE ROOMMATE by Jen Silverman next spring) we will do it in a way that keeps everyone safe.  We are particularly invested in this as we are the people who need to be extra careful; the producers, the directors, the actors, the crew AND you, our PRIME family. 

We’re already looking into safety protocols: PPE, testing, understudies, audience spacing, deep cleaning, air filtration and…God forbid…eliminating the concessions stand!  As you may imagine, there’s a hefty price tag to some of those items.

 We are eternally grateful for everything you have done for PRIME and your support means everything to us.   When we count our blessings, you are at the top of our list!

 Now, PRIME’s pledge to you is that we will not open our doors until we are confident that we can provide an environment that will protect us all.

We miss you;

We cherish you;

And we WILL see you back at the theatre…                                                              

                                                                                                   ...after this intermission!

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