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We believe all persons thrive best when working at a job. 

So our mission is to create jobs for those who are unhoused or have been unhoused, what we call Street Survivors.

Sure. Jobs are plentiful. But applicants with gaps in job histories, criminal backgrounds (one in four people), poor credit ratings, no transportation, and no prior experience simply are not hired.

So the jobs we create target many of those who are in the non-hirable population.

We have already hired one person to free them from the transitional housing system and into an apartment. In so doing, we have created a transitional housing space for another person who is a Street Survivor.

In 3 short months we started a business (Prevail Mix), hired one Street Survivor, AND got one person off the streets! Incredible.

We want to hire more people to get others off the streets, one by one.

If we don't create jobs, those who live day to day on the streets will continue to do so.

Can you help us? Because we are small and currently with unpaid staff, 100% of your donation goes directly toward getting a Street Survivor into housing. We will use your much needed donation to scale up our Prevail Mix business.

Thank you for your donation!

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