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Have you ever had a glimpse of how much God values your life? 

Have you sensed His compassion as you faced seemingly overwhelming circumstances? Have you experienced the power of His presence in times of worship?

These questions were answered with a resounding, “Yes!” when I recently met Jason, a new Praise FM listener in the Twin Cities. He graciously allowed me to share his miraculous story with you.

Jason is a 44-year-old who, by age 30, survived attempts at suicide and three life-threatening accidents as a driver of semi-trucks. This past summer he faced yet another bout with depression and was determined to be successful in one final suicide attempt. In his own words, he openly shares:

“But as I drove home to commit the act, I had Praise FM on. Michele came on and, by God’s blessing, told the story of how her teenage son, who was on his last ski run of the day, and the last run for the season, had a horrible accident. The accident was so horrible he was rendered paralyzed for the rest of his life.

She went on to say that, like all humans, he has his bad days too, but despite this event he keeps his spirits high. Had I not heard his story, I believe I wouldn’t be here today. Michele’s son’s story saved my life and taught me to never give up.”

“I [now] know that [God] has a plan for me…and he didn’t spare my life from three trucking accidents and failed suicide attempts for no reason. I believe God’s purpose is for me to use my life stories to also help others come to know and believe in God, and Jesus Christ.”

I am so amazed at the way in which God touched Jason's life through the truthful witness of Josh's life. As Josh recently said: “I am thankful that God has intervened on Jason’s behalf and he has been given a glimpse of the love that surrounds him even when life circumstances appear insurmountable. God has purpose and value for all our lives even when our path feels uncertain, for that I am grateful.”

We each have a story – a real life story. Sometimes our real life is about meeting deadlines and facing pressures, trying to stay Christ-centered while keeping up with daily demands, raising children and stretching budgets. Sometimes we face greater challenges that involve the lives of those we love, matters of betrayal, grief, hopelessness or discouragement.

In each of those times, those real life times, we need words of encouragement, reminders of scripture, and prayers to carry us through.

Through the tragedy of Josh’s accident – and the triumph of his testimony – Jason was rescued from his own plans. Amazingly, at about the same time Jason was hearing Josh’s story, we were updating the logo at Praise FM with three simple words that seem to encapsulate our calling.

real life worship 

Over and over again, we are humbled to hear stories from listeners who have found restoration and renewal in the midst of real life. At a time when our world needs to find peace that passes understanding, hope that doesn’t disappoint, and the Source of life everlasting, we are privileged to broadcast His praise. Listeners stream broadcasts from our website or find us on the following stations:

91.9 FM in Willmar            101.5 FM in Milbank

103.9 FM in Osakis            95.3 FM in St.Paul/Minneapolis (Moving to 96.3 HD 2)

Would you please consider a gift to help bring the presence of Jesus Christ into the real needs of others? People like you have been giving to Praise FM for 30 years, and day after day, hearts are touched when they need it the most. Praise FM ministers to listeners worldwide via radio broadcasts and online streaming.  It provides a media platform that ushers listeners into the presence of a loving Father, where they find encouragement, strength, purpose and growth.  Praise FM partners with other ministries to bring hope and healing to individuals and nations.

Someone like Jason is alive and serving Jesus because someone like you invested in Praise FM! 

Grateful for your generosity, 

David McIver Executive Director

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