Physicians for a National Health Program Minnesota

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We are working for a Minnesota where everyone can get the health care they need.

As an organization founded by physicians and other health professionals, we see the health care crisis daily.

Every day, we see patients who can't make the best decisions for their health because they can't afford to pay for the cost of care.  They hear our recommendations with fear -- not just for their physical health but with fear of the mounting debt that tests and treatments can create. We also know that there are hundreds of patients who never pass through our doors because they are either uninsured or can't afford the cost of their increasingly higher and higher deductibles.  

This crisis affects thousands of families across the state, not only in low-income but increasingly in middle-income communities. Thousands of people avoid or delay the health care they need, often until it is too late.  

As Minnesotans, we know in our hearts that all people should be cared for when they are ill, whether they are rich or poor.   We must make the commitment that providing health care for all is the right thing to do.  

Countries around the world do this for about half of what we spend.  

We can provide health care for everyone. We can change the debate, but we need your help.

  • $10,000 - Helps us reach all Minnesota physicians to build the ranks of those demanding health care for all
  • $5,000 -  Helps us strengthen our media presence with the support of professionals
  • $3,000 - Helps us provide stipends for medical students interns to help with our education and advocacy
  • $1,000 - Helps us sponsor a large educational forum 
  • $500 - Helps us have a presence at a professional conference
  • $100 - Provides lunch to medical students for a weekday lecture by a PNHP Minnesota speaker
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