Pimento Relief Services

A nonprofit organization

Your donation to Pimento Relief Services supports critically needed immediate, healing efforts, and long term rebuilding in our Black communities. 

PRS is a convening partner for organizations and individuals actively combating racism. With our wide network of community partners, we support the many voices fighting for racial equity and liberation. We provide healing on the front lines where it is needed most urgently. We convene to reimagine the Twin Cities as a truly prosperous and equitable community.


We work with existing agencies to adjust their delivery models for greater impact and reach. 

We assist funders and investors in targeting their interventions in a more culturally intelligent way.

We  draw attention to the gaps in existing models and are a voice for those suffering in silence. 

We  work closely with activists, community organizers, nonprofit agencies, the business community, local and federal government, funders, investors, academics, dreamers and visionaries from all backgrounds, to build an inclusive society where everyone can prosper together. 

 We are the catalyst for new ideas to reimagine what’s possible, and the structure for those who want to rebuild for a better tomorrow



Convene a community coalition to achieve Economic, Social, and Political Liberation for all Black people, 

and to reimagine a world without prejudice.


Black people safely participate and thrive holistically in all facets of American society, 

with the freedom to contribute their skills and express their passions in a truly equitable world.


The Minneapolis Uprising was a loud roar from the Black community: no justice, no peace. During these turbulent days, Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, long a safe space for the Twin Cities activist community, stepped up as a hub to meet the needs of everyone affected – business owners and homeowners who lost their buildings during the Uprising, activists and protestors demanding justice, community members who are subjected daily to the violence of systemic racism, and our allies and friends from all strata’s of society. Weeks later, the “Pimento Summit” gathered 150 community leaders and organizers to reimagine Minneapolis without prejudice. Their messages were very clear. 

  1.  This is a turning point in our collective history.
  2. The Black community needs to own our own rebuilding, but we need the help of our allies and friends.
  3. We will convene a coalition of all Americans that share our vision of Black liberation.


The Black community will not recover through piecemeal interventions, no matter how well meaning. The reparations we need to achieve equality are vast and complex. But the alternative – the unrealized dreams and potential of not only Black Americans, but also all Americans is unacceptable.  We may not have the resources, but we have the power to convene. Through this power, we will bring together a coalition of the willing with the brightest minds and most inspired and courageous hearts. We can’t build every necessary program, project and intervention ourselves, but we will use our collective wisdom, knowledge, insight and vision to be the missing link between those who want to invest in the Black community and those who can use those investments wisely.  With our wide network of community partners, we are here to support the many voices fighting for racial equity and liberation. 

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