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Our Mission: We create pathways for individuals to discover their strengths and take control of their futures. 

Equal opportunity is a basic American right that most of us rarely think about it. But, for some, it's a right that is denied, consistently, systemically, and geographically. 

In North Minneapolis, our mostly-African American community has a different experience. Decades of disadvantage & inequity, historically racist public policies, and redlining have left a lasting mark on our city. Today, African American families remain mired in the poverty cycle, which invites violence, crime, and hopelessness into the lives of those we serve. Now in our 100th year of serving the people of the Northside, Phyllis Wheatley Community Center continues to help change that trajectory.

But it takes people like you — who understand the intricacies that create the challenges faced in our community — people who give their time, treasure, and talent to be a part of a paradigm shift that we at Phyllis Wheatley have, for a century, worked to achieve.

Early Childhood Education

A quality pre-K education is the key to ensuring the next generation has more than the last. But, for too many families in our community, it remains out of reach. 

Computer and tech skills are required for nearly any job offering a livable wage.

Keeping kids on track at school is a feat even for the most affluent families, and raising them to believe there is more for them in the world than that which they can see out their front doors is an even greater challenge. 

Phyllis Wheatley's Mary T. Wellcome Child Development Center provides quality, 4-Star, Parent Aware-certified curriculum to little ones ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, regardless of a family's financial situation, ensuring that every child, regardless of their family income level, is prepared to excel in kindergarten and beyond.

Digital Skills Training

Our DigitalTechWorks programs provide important career skills training to people at any stage of life, offering opportunities to learn computer skills ranging from the basics of logging on to the internet and applying for jobs to giving teens the chance to learn through gaming, or helping adults earn Microsoft Developer certifications that open doors to high-paying jobs that stabilize families.  

Our family restoration programs work to ensure that everyone can go home to a safe environment, and our Camp Katharine Parsons will again provide our inner city youth with the same summer camp opportunities that anyone who grew up in Minnesota remembers as being pivotal to their development and success. 

Our programs have one thing in common — they create space for Black people in Minneapolis to find the support and inspiration they need to achieve their dreams. Our comprehensive approach builds upon individual strengths to empower our clients to succeed.

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About Us 

Since 1924, “The Wheatley” has been inspiring the leader within by providing a welcoming place where people gather to discover their strengths, develop new skills, and participate in community.

2024: A Milestone Year

In 2024, Phyllis Wheatley celebrates its centennial year as an integral part of North Minneapolis' history, and its future. 

Over the past 100 years, the story of Phyllis Wheatley mirrors that of North Minneapolis itself. From the challenges of racial segregation to the triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement and the unrest and violence released when George Floyd was murdered on our city's streets in 2020, the center has joined with the community and written its narrative — a story of resilience, unity, and the relentless pursuit of equity and equality. 

Originally a part of the settlement house movement, Phyllis Wheatley was founded on the same principles upon which we continue to base our work today. Our vision is simple: we wish to see a world where everyone, regardless of background, has access to quality education, equitable opportunities, and the tools to reach their full potential. We are committed to building a society where diversity is celebrated, individuals are empowered, and every voice is heard and respected.

We have made great strides toward our goals, but we aren't there yet. Your continued support, championing equality and equity, allows us to create pathways for individuals to discover their strengths and take control of their futures.

Phyllis (Phillis) Wheatley was an eighteenth century girl slave who became the first African American woman to publish a book (poetry).  Her life demonstrates what can be achieved through character, ambition, courage and humility.  Phillis’ incredible story reminds us that in spite of what’s happening on the outside, there’s something within that allows people to prevail.  At Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, we see this tenacity of spirit reflected in our clients each day. This is what drives our mission, and guides our relentless pursuit of equality.

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