PetsLoyal2Vets is a Minnesota based 501(c)(3) nonprofit outreach organization connecting highly trained dogs with disabled veterans.

PetsLoyal2Vets was created by and built by veterans for fellow veterans who have been diagnosed and treated for PTSD, TBI and physical assault traumas. Any honorably or medically discharged veterans treated for PTSD and TBI from any conflict who has completed a VA sponsored mental health program may apply for a companion, therapy or Psychiatric Service Dog at no cost. PL2VETS is also available to veterans who had a certified therapy or service dog for PTSD or TBI which passed away and are now in need of a new companion.

If we place a companion or therapy dog with you, and you have to go back into the Minneapolis, Minnesota VA Hospital for any inpatient stays up to 30 days, Pets Loyal 2 Vets will be happy to board your dog for you at no cost. We will even bring your dog to the VA on weekly visits at no cost to you. 

Qualifying Veterans must

  • Reside within Minnesota as a Minnesota resident or, in Pierce or St. Croix Counties in Western Wisconsin
  • Be honorably discharged or discharged due to PTSD or TBI or related physical injuries
  • Be diagnosed by VA Doctors with PTSD or TBI and be medically necessary to have a service dog
  • Currently receiving treatment for PTSD, TBI or in (PTSR) Post Traumatic Stress Recovery
  • Currently receiving treatment for a service connected Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and able to care for a dog
  • Completed a VA treatment program for PTSD, TBI, PTSR, PPH or CBT program and need a companion dog as part of their ongoing rehabilitation
  • This may include completion of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy's (CBT) or other physical or psychological programs provided via the Veterans Administration Hospitals
  • Be a veteran who has recently lost a companion, therapy or Psychiatric Service Dog used to help treat symptoms of PTSD, TBI, PTSR etc.
  • All veterans will be screened to ensure they can properly care for their new companion and must meet the minimum standards of shelter, nutrition, medical needs and loving care.

We are veterans who have been diagnosed with many of the similar injuries and know the struggles a vet goes through.  We've been there and experienced the struggles and now we want to give back by helping Minnesota veterans. It seems everyone knows someone who is or was in the military. Veterans gave their all, now it's our turn to give back to them. Please click one of the giving options and show your support for Minnesota vets today.

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