Patrick’s Cabaret supports the growth and development of artists working on the edge of culture.

Patrick’s Cabaret is devoted to building a platform for emerging and established artists, especially artists of color, with disabilities, and on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We support radical content, experimental forms, and artists on the cultural margins. We believe in accessibility, inclusion, and compensation for creative labor. We support challenging art and the role of the artist as provocateur, and as healer, at a time when we need both. We have uncompromising faith in the creative process when doing so is radical.

After losing our building this spring, the organization faced closure of a very real kind. But the community came together, declared us an essential resource to our creative ecosystem, and we survived. We’ve refreshed and refined our vision and structure this summer, and emerged into our ambitious Fall season ready to support artists in new ways in a changing world. To do that work, we need individuals who see the value of investing in artists from the beginning. Over our 30 years, Patrick’s Cabaret has served as a first professional stage for countless performers and thousands of performances; we make space for beginnings, and we ask you to help us make another new beginning--our own. 

If you have ever been part of our truly unique Cabaret experience, either as a performer or as a audience member, we urge you now to PAY IT FORWARD. Invest today so that another artist or audience member can have the opportunity you had. In the wake of recent elections, our work feels more critical than ever, and we can't do it alone. The artist-led revolution needs YOU.

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