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Partnerships for Permanence (P4P) is not just an organization. We are a family of former foster youth and adoptees coming together to fulfill our mission of raising awareness and actively working to improve the child welfare system!  

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“As a professional working in the child welfare field for almost 20 years, I saw so many young people transition into adulthood with very few adult partners. After you age out of the system, you’re on your own unless you’ve formed your own family.” - Lola Adebara, Founder and CEO of Partnerships for Permanence

Our founder’s goal in starting Partnerships for Permanence was to shift the approach from using the stories of these youth as a tool, to putting those [now] young leaders at the decision-making table to help transform the child welfare system. She also wanted to build in a system of support for young people aging out of the foster care system so they would feel supported in their next steps of transitioning into adulthood.


  • 1-in-5 of youths aged out of the foster care system are homeless.
  • Only 58 percent graduated high school by 19 (compared with 87 percent of all 19-year olds).
  • 1 in 4 former foster care youth are involved in the criminal justice system within 2 years of leaving care.


Filling opportunity gaps  for young people who have aged out of the foster care system and those with lots of potential, but few opportunities. We believe in investing in the next generation of young leaders who will transform the child welfare system.

“I believe in P4P’s work, we’ve taught a lot of people how to breach the gap of foster youth and professionals. Kids don’t feel heard or understood in the system by professionals and families. At P4P, we have been able to explain to all parties involved in the system how things can be better, how to make it work, and what needs to change.” - Chris, P4P member


Our approach to creating change happens in 3 ways:

1.  Our Leaders Changing the System (LCS) program:

Teaches aspiring young leaders life and leadership skills, identity formation, communication skills, plus provides resources to career and educational opportunities, and one-on-one mentorship to support their successful transition into adulthood.

“I have been with Partnerships for Permanence (P4P) for almost two years now. I graduated this year from Hamline University with my Bachelor’s in Public Health. I continue to stay in P4P because I want to continue to advocate for young people involved in child welfare. I love the teamwork and support P4P provides.” - Lisa, LCS graduate. 

2.  Our Foster Alumni and Adoptee Support Network:

Provides an online support network for foster and adoptive young people to form lasting supportive relationships and build meaningful connections with other P4P members who have similar life experiences. P4P also provides ongoing support to program participants through mentoring trainings, book club calls, peer support groups, social and networking events, and summer and holiday gatherings.

3.  Our Child Welfare Trainings

We teach child welfare professionals and foster/adoptive families how to advocate for young people, and how to better care for children of color (racial and cultural needs) through skills-building workshops.

We also partner with other agencies to raise community awareness and understanding of how to better support foster and adoptive youth so they can grow into adults that live positive, peaceful, and prosperous lives. 

“The interpersonal communication skills I learned at P4P have been very effective in my life. I've learned about who I am and my identity. I’ve learned how to present myself in a professional manner and how to keep striving regardless of obstacles you're facing.” - Salia, LCS graduate 


Please consider making a generous donation today to Partnerships for Permanence by investing in the lives of the next generation of young leaders transforming the child welfare system in Minnesota. Your support will help our organization accomplish the following goals:

  • Sustainable investment and partnerships with foster and adoptive young leaders. 
  • Expand our leadership and mentoring program to serve more young people in Minnesota.
  • Increase community engagement efforts to help increase the number of foster and adoptive families.

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