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Partnership Academy's mission is to create learning experiences and partnerships that empower students to achieve their greatest potential.

Invest in PA, Invest in the Future!

Partnership Academy is a PreK-7th grade charter school located in the Twin Cities. For the past 17 years, Partnership Academy has strived to provide individualized, culturally relevant learning opportunities to students in the metro area. On a daily basis, our dedicated educators partner with our community to provide innovate and meaningful learning experiences for students in order to eliminate  educational disparities. For many years, we have outgrown our space and been limited in expanding our programming.  

In summer 2019,  Partnership Academy moved to a new location at 6500 Nicollet Avenue.   Minnesota’s charter schools suffer from inequitable funding practices, which requires that we find ways to finance important school needs,  educational resources, and professional development opportunities that enhance student learning.  We work hard to secure funding to fill this gap through additional revenue sources, including private gifts from individuals who support our school. 

Since we have moved into our new school building in July 2019, our students have had few opportunities to use the green space due to poor drainage and soil gradient issues.  The PA playground is also shadowed by the building on the northside of our property giving very little opportunity for wet soil to dry out.  The drainage, grading and shade issues have turned the grassy areas into mud and rendered the place space unusable.  

The grant funds would be used to raise the elevations of the soil and install field turf or a poly rubber surface that will drain more efficiently and hold up to the high volume of foot traffic.  The funds would also be used to purchase equipment for that space including soccer goals and basketball hoops. 

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for our playground and you can help us reach it! We are applying for grants to support this project as well and it is imperative that we demonstrate involvement through community partner contributions. Our fundraising efforts could be multiplied greatly!

 We know the positive impact physical activity has on learning and well being and desperately want to improve conditions to provide an optimal play space for our students. 

Every dollar counts and directly benefits the learning that takes place at Partnership Academy, but ultimately the impact lasts a generation - because what happens in our classrooms today makes all the difference for tomorrow.

Thank You!

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