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Oromo Community the Bedrock of Resilency, Hope and Strength

The Oromo people live in the horn of Africa, Oromia (Ethiopia). We have rich tradition, culture and governing system called the Gada System. We have a lot to offer the world and share. Even though, we have been a very peaceful people we have been persecuted,hunted, jailed and basically our basic human rights taken away from us for a long time. Hence, we left home in search of peace and human dignity. We have made state of Minnesota as one of these places we call home away from home. We want to stress our stories are not stories of defeat or victimization. It is a story of resilience and strength.  We may come from oppression but we have built ourselves and our community in the values we hold and not the fate that drove us away from home. We are hard working people and we exercise communal living. We one of us achieves, all of us share the blessing and the gift of that achievement. Hence, we invest in our youth so that they can provide and be part the future we hope to have. We invest in our struggling component of our community because we want to make their transition smooth, by providing youth programs from K-12, Employment counseling with advocacy, Elder program to help with isolation and build their social skills and so on. We need your help, so we can continue serve and better our community.

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