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"Our success is a changed life." We are intentional about developing the human potential to help alleviate poverty in Ghana.

A very big smile is what we see after Ghanaians have been treated in one of our free medical clinics.  Our first medical trip in March 2011 made such an impact on the village of Trede and Adagya, people kept the  envelopes in which medicines were distributed.  On small baby came to us last year very dehydrated, very near death.  It was malaria.  After IVs, oral hydration, and meds the baby began to show life again.  On young lad had an absessed tooth and it had to be extraced.  He woke up with a big smile and a mouth full of guaze.  The stories go on and on.  I also need to tell you how wonderfully the medical team made the villagers feel...like kings and queens.  Never before had they been treated with such dignity, respect, and genuine care.  No lectures, no scolding, just warmth and consideration.

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