Change the world with Yoga! Help us extend our reach and share the gift of yoga with everyone.

Our Mission

One Yoga offers health and well being through the practices of yoga, inclusive of people who traditionally lack access.


One Yoga, founded in 2002, and operating as a nonprofit since 2007, is a cornerstone yoga studio in the Twin Cities. With three part-time staff and a roster of thirteen instructors teaching more than 60 classes per week, our studio receives more than 1,500 student visits each month.

In the Studio

Our studio classes support our mission by offering high-quality yoga instruction on a sliding fee basis for those experiencing financial hardship or finding it difficult to pay for classes. Approval for sliding-scale fees is determined by household size and income.

In the Community 

Additionally, we fulfill our mission in the wider community through our Outreach Program. We make available the same quality practices we offer in the studio to a variety of populations by matching organizations interested in our services with highly skilled yoga instructors who provide on-site yoga instruction and mindfulness practices.

By partnering with public and nonprofit service providers, One Yoga is able to bring the therapeutic benefits of yoga into the community. Through these efforts, we serve:

  • People experiencing poverty and homelessness
  • Adults who are incarcerated
  • Pregnant and parenting teenagers
  • People with cognitive and developmental disabilities
  • Youth serving probation
  • Low-income children and families

Participant Testimonials

I have restless leg syndrome. I started doing 'legs up the wall' in my room and do not have the tingling sensations in my legs anymore.
~ Outreach Participant, name withheld

I have a hard time sleeping so I started following my breath like we were taught in class, and I have been able to sleep every single night.
~ Outreach Participant, name withheld

We started yoga and my sister died a few days later. Yoga has helped me stay present with her death. I have been running for a long time. I am tired of running. Running from my family, running from my decisions, running from myself. I am ready now to be present and to stop running.
~ Outreach Participant, name withheld  
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