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$5,000 Goal was established in 2016 to empower Minnesotans to establish 'shared sustainable prosperity' for all Minnesotans. To achieve that mission, established a network of individuals and organizations to keep Minnesota open, inclusive, welcoming, innovative and creative. As a Research-based, Advocacy and Communications organization that provides public policy recommendations that support and propel racial, social and economic equity throughout state, county, local governments, agencies and corporations, has been blessed to work on advancing many local, county, and state policies that have improved the conditions for all Minnesotans to prosper. is proud host to the Seeds To Harvest Network. 

Seeds to Harvest is a community collaborative established to support youth and families during the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest following the murder of George Floyd. Organizations and leaders have aligned to support our youth’s mental, emotional and physical health through sports, arts, recreational activities and service opportunities. Bound by the question "oo, how are the children?" our network members have aligned to create a healthy and vibrant community where youth and families can thrive. The network's singular focus allows organizations to support each other and identify and fill gaps in existing programs and services. The centerpiece of the Seeds to Harvest schedule is 100 Days of Summer, which culminates with Community Summer Games – sports and recreational activities that serve close to 1,000 North Minneapolis youth. Year-round activities include weekly Litter League service activities in which youth earn a $15 stipend to complete tasks that help them take pride in their neighborhoods: shovel out fire hydrants, clean storm drains, pick up litter, shovel sidewalks for our older neighbors, and water trees.

Our work incorporates America's Promise Alliance's five promises model in its commitment to youth: a safe place to be their true and authentic selves;  a healthy start that focuses on their mental, emotional and physical, development; support from a caring adult to create positive and strong interpersonal and team relationships; skill development opportunities, giving them the tools to become successful personally, professionally, academically, and socially; and the opportunity to give back to the community that supported them. 

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