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Obama Elementary inspires all scholars to reach high levels of academic and social achievement to become future leaders.

    Student-driven learning is important for our schools and our nation and that is why at Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary school we are a Schoolwide Enrichment Model school. The Schoolwide Enrichment model was designed by Joseph S. Renzulli, Ed.D to provide scholars with opportunities to apply and extend basic knowledge and skills.  At Obama Elementary School the SEM Program creates a place where scholars participate in creative and constructive activities, based on their interests, that develop the ability to analyze information, think effectively and confront and act upon problems and situations.

    Your generous donation will enable teachers to see scholars gathered around a science table to see how things work, or experience an “Ah-ha!” moment when the relationships between a set of numbers starts to make sense.  Your donation will help create a learning environment where scholars hear praise for a creative story or history project, eager to work on suggestions to make it even better.  Each learner is unique and, with your help, Obama Elementary will provide scholars with meaningful and enjoyable content that takes into account the abilities, interests, and learning preferences of each individual scholar!

    Thank you in advance for your donation, it is greatly appreciated.

    For more information on our school, please visit:

    -Principal Adrain Pendelton 

    Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary School | 707 Holly Ave. | Saint Paul, MN 55104 | 651-293-8625


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