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Morrison County residents work together through Oasis Central MN to assure access to basic necessities for all.

Oasis Central Minnesota has a long and vibrant grassroots history in Morrison County, formed through an interfaith collaboration in 1988 to address food and housing needs in Morrison County.  Our vision is to provide a platform for Morrison County residents to work together to assure access to basic necessities for all.  Our mission is to build community and bridge gaps by, being a resource and referral hub; increasing access to quality food; assisting with limited home maintenance to help people safely stay in their own homes; and coordinating relevant education opportunities.  These efforts are all exemplified in our four core programs, Share a Meal and our Emergency Housing program.

Share a Meal is a free weekly community meal, open to all in the community and served by volunteers. The purpose of the Share a Meal program is to provide a nutritious free meal for individuals and families in need, as well as a setting for community fellowship.  Each week, volunteers serve between 60-100 meals to individuals and families in need.  With an average of 60-100 guests each week, more than 60,000 meals have been served since our inception. 

Oasis Central Minnesota’s Emergency Housing program assists individuals and families in  housing crisis connect to community resources.  The purpose of this program is to not only assist those in need, but to collaborate to eliminate overlaps in resources and identify gaps in services.   The mission behind this program also stretches to the philosophy that if we work collaboratively as agencies, the faith community, and governmental agencies to address the many issues, often interconnected issues,  families in crisis are facing, rather than “band aid” the problem, they will have a greater success rate of transitioning out of poverty and crisis.   To date, Oasis Central Minnesota has assisted 203 individuals and families connect to community resources and services. 

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