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Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSSRH), formerly Nursing Students for Choice (NSFC), is a collaborative, nationwide organization that works to promote women’s health and reproductive rights through advocacy, activism, provider education and training. NSSRH welcomes any undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level nursing student who is interested in ensuring that nurses are fully trained to meet the reproductive health care needs of women and their families.

Nurses are vital clinicians in reproductive healthcare. We provide much of the pregnancy testing, birth control counseling, options counseling, and post procedure care that affect women daily. We counsel women both formally and informally in emergency rooms, in provider’s offices, and in campus clinics. We are also increasingly providers of abortion services. Already 14 states allow Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) to provide medical abortion, and 5 of these permit them to perform aspiration abortion. Significantly, many NPs work in rural areas, where they help fill the rural healthcare and abortion provider gaps successfully.

NSSRH’s national goals are rooted in the belief that nursing students across the country can be inspired to join our cause with organizational support from current NSSRH student leaders. Utilizing the skills of nurses and improving their educations will improve the total healthcare experience of patients nationwide.

Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health is a nonprofit organization in existence since 2006.  Founded in Winona, MN and Portland, OR the founding leaders worked together to build a network of campus organizations and professional pro-choice support.

In light of the recent election results, your support of reproductive rights and justice is needed now more than ever!

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