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Minnesota: the Land of 10,000 Lakes and 12,000 Loons. It is hard to imagine our beautiful state without the ethereal call of the loon echoing across its waters. We can ensure the loon's presence in Minnesota's future by taking action now. Learn more on our website.

Minnesota is home to the largest population of common loons in the lower 48 states. Seeing the loons float peacefully across our lakes is a source of pride for Minnesotans. The first step to protecting the gift that is our loons and lakes is recognizing what is happening to them:


Loons nest along sheltered shoreline habitat. These areas can be swamped by high wave action or lost entirely to shoreline development and/or erosion.

Water Quality 

Life in Minnesota’s lakes depend on high-quality fresh water. Loons need clear water to fish effectively at great depths. Our lakes are susceptible to pollutants and aquatic invasive species. Avian botulism potentially caused in part by zebra mussels has killed over 100,000 birds in parts of the Great Lakes since 1999 (US Geological Society).

Human Activity 

Tragically, people on our lakes can unintentionally harm our state bird. Loons accidentally ingest lead sinkers or jigs which they mistake for pebbles that are used to aid digestion. This is nearly always fatal to the bird. Loons also become entangled in discarded fishing lines or can be hooked by a line cast too close. Loons and chicks are also too often hit by boats. 

Conserve, protect, act.

The National Loon Center came to fruition because of dedicated citizens who aimed to protect our state bird and the freshwater they rely upon. Conservation programs and scientific research led by the National Loon Center will help protect loons for future generations by guiding actions to restore and protect our lakeshore habitats and freshwater quality, increase loon populations, and reduce unnecessary loon mortality.

We’re planning to open a 15,000 square foot world-class facility in spring of 2024. Visitors will enjoy hands-on, experiential learning, floating classrooms and freshwater testing as well as beautifully curated displays and areas to enjoy nature’s ecosystems. Your donation will enable progress on our educational center while protecting freshwater lakes and this important national symbol. 

Answer the call of the loon today. 


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