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The Northern Lakes Arts Association is embarking on an mission to amplify the arts in Ely and its surrounding areas, and we're reaching out for your support to help us achieve our vision.

This year, during the Give to the Max season, we aim to secure $15,000 to bolster our programs, projects, and mission. The path to achieving this goal is more accessible than you might imagine! Thanks to an exceptionally generous donor, the initial $5,000 in donations will be matched at 1:1. Essentially, one-third of our target is already accomplished, and now, we humbly seek your assistance to complete the journey.

Why should you choose Northern Lakes Arts Association to Give to this year? 

Our commitment is unwavering. We strive to be the catalyst for nurturing and promoting artists and arts experiences for the local community and visitors to Ely. To continue doing so, we rely on the generosity of individuals and organizations like yours to make a lasting impact on our community's quality of life.

Over the last year, we have enhanced and created new programming that empowers and educates and excites our community! 

Here are some of the programs from this last year that really knocked our socks off:

1) Broadway in the Boundary Waters: 

Last year, we had the pleasure of showcasing the talents of 9 exceptional performers nationwide, and we welcomed four outstanding local artists to join our vibrant summer community. Together, we orchestrated a symphony of artistic excellence, featuring free weekly concerts at our Arts in the Park Events, along with three sensational productions: "Godspell," "Songs for a New World," and the unforgettable "Broadway in the Boundary Waters Gala." Additionally, we provided inspiration to the younger generation through 2 immersive Theater Camps for our area's enthusiastic youth.

Bolstered by the resounding success of last year's season, we are gearing up for an even grander spectacle in 2024! Brace yourselves as we prepare to introduce 12 to 14 brilliant company members into our artistic fold while enlisting the talents of 3 to 5 local performers to enrich our 2024 Company. Get ready to be swept off your feet as we unveil not just four but a stunning array of 12+ productions, and brace yourselves for the artistic feast of a lifetime. And, let's not forget the young talents in our midst; we're thrilled to announce the expansion of our Theater Camps to nurture their creativity, now encompassing two immersive programs, all within a thrilling 9-week period!

Support Broadway in the Boundary Waters! 


2) Youth Summer Experiences: 

We orchestrated five enriching youth summer programs for local and regional youngsters this past summer. From the dynamic Greenstone Art Camp to the exhilarating Summer Dance Experience, each activity was meticulously designed to unlock the creative potential within our youth, complemented by expert guidance and technique from professionals hailing from our local community and across the nation.

These programs offered area youth an avenue to explore their artistic passions, be it painting, sculpting, dancing, or acting, as they journeyed through the summer. Moreover, we prioritized affordability, ensuring that costs were kept as low as possible. In our ongoing commitment to inclusivity, we now proudly offer scholarships to alleviate the financial burden, ensuring that every local youth has the chance to discover and revel in the wondrous world of the arts.

Support our Youth Summer Experiences!

3) Monthly Art Shows

Every month, we have the privilege of showcasing the remarkable creations of local and regional artists at Ely's Historic State Theater. These exhibitions reach an impressive audience, drawing in more than 700 people weekly. As we move into the coming year, we are delighted to announce that every artist we feature will be bestowed with a well-deserved award of $500. Our commitment to supporting the arts has been evident in the past year as we distributed over $4,000 in awards to these talented individuals.

Furthermore, our annual youth art show is a testament to our dedication to nurturing young talents. We proudly extend scholarships to these budding artists to further their training and alleviate the financial burdens that often come with pursuing a career in the arts.

Support our Art Shows!

And these are just a handful of our year-round programming!  That is why we cordially invite you to be a central part of our journey and contribute to Ely's cultural and artistic vibrancy. Your financial support is not just a donation; it's a transformative force that elevates the quality of life for all. Join us as we ascend to new artistic heights, and together, we will craft a more vibrant, enchanting, and captivating Ely. Your generosity will be the radiant beacon guiding our artistic endeavors, and we extend our heartfelt thanks.

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