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About Us: Since 1973 Northeast Senior Services, Inc., formerly North East Senior Citizen Resource Center, has been helping seniors. We are a grassroots organization started by local churches and community organizations and formally incorporated in 1975.   Our mission is “Helping Seniors Live Independently with Dignity”.

Many committed volunteers make it possible for us to help seniors with rides, home repairs and other services that help seniors live independently in their homes.  Area served: Northeast Minneapolis, Saint Anthony Village,  Columbia Heights and New Brighton.

NE Seniors assists seniors in three program areas: RIDES, NE Senior Wellness, NE Senior Home Connection.  

Throughout the pandemic:  

The RIDES program continued, with a smaller number of volunteer drivers providing fewer rides to appointments, with proper covid-19 precautions. 

Foot clinics continued with the foot care nurse, using covid-19 precautions, visiting seniors in their homes (with no increase in cost), rather than gathering in one place. 

NE Senior Living newsletter added a color centerfold, bringing what seniors could not see outside into their homes and increased the frequency of  publication. 

Gathering at a Distance: New landline and cell phone, or computer/tablet based social gatherings, "A Bit of Fun" and "Senior Social", were started.   A Bit of Fun will continue to provide a weekly gathering place for seniors after the pandemic.

NE Senior Home Connection:  Assisted seniors who were looking to move to a different home.  

Answering inquiries from seniors remained a significant task for staff, who worked from home.  Seniors who had lost significant income due to covid-19 interrupting their employment, needed help applying for resources that were available on-line, and having accurate information on how the change in income and the covid-19 support payments affected the services they received as low-income seniors. 

Through it all the phones were answered on our normal 10 AM to 1 PM schedule Monday-Friday.  

The effect of the pandemic on our finances is that we could not hold our traditional fundraisers (fall dinner/silent auction and spring tea), and did not have any income from the rides program from which those $10 donations go to the organization's expenses, so we had about $10,000 less in income than years before the pandemic.  The newsletter expenses doubled with color centerfold, an increase in distribution, and extra inserts about covid-19 precautions and vaccines.

After the pandemic:

The number of volunteer drivers has doubled since vaccines have been available.  We are still at 50% of normal, but slowly working our way back.

The foot clinics are hoping to back to community locations via mid-summer.

Seniors are still looking for new homes and help with maintaining houses.  We are not sure when the tours of local senior housing can continue.

The newsletter is being mailed to 800 and hand distributed to 200 every other month.

We are hoping to pilot a program to help with local snow removal needs this coming winter 2021-2022.  Low-income seniors are finding it hard to pay $40-50 per snow, we hope to have a common sense solution to this issue in place by fall.

You can help us maintain our services and create new common sense solutions for seniors through a donation to Northeast Senior Services, Inc.

We could sure use your help at this time.

Thank you!

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