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"The best thing about Northeast is its eclectic vibe …[it’s where] old and new Minneapolis meet. The southern portion … is filled with dive bars … around for decades, award-winning new restaurants, breweries and art studios galore that come even more alive during the annual Art-a-Whirl studio tour…The Arts District is a highly walkable area within … that offers a little of everything that makes greater Northeast the neighborhood that it is."

—The Washington Post’s Travel Section "ONE SQUARE MILE: Northeast Arts District"

 The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District (NE Arts District) is home to hundreds of artists whose studios and storefronts make it a destination for travelers and a coveted place to live and/or work.

The NE Arts District board members are the guardians and voice of this city-designated “one square mile” District. We advocate for preserving and expanding space used to produce art.   We support and promote artists, arts and culture, incubate arts-related projects, encourage thoughtful community-connected economic growth, tourism and worldwide cultural artistic exchanges. One of our goals for SpringForwardMN is to raise funds to pay photographers to document the Arts District for uses like this effort. To put our best foot forward while properly compensating artists.

Also, whenever you see a themed gallery exhibit, there’s an artistic curator or curators behind the flow and presentation of the work.  NE Arts District recently mounted two exhibits in prime locations at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport through the Arts@MSP Program (up through end of 2021).  Behind the scenes, curatorial pairs juried and organized the 34 artists’ work, learning from each other and a coordinator. 

A wonderful slide show of the works of 200 more artists can be viewed in half-an hour at double-speed:

The NE Arts District seeks to replicate this learning opportunity, whether it’s at the airport again or in one of the many venues so looking forward to being open again when safe.   Some of the monies raised through SpringForwardMN will be earmarked for outreach to talent in underrepresented and BIPOC communities and to pay curators and coordinators fair stipends. Supporting learning by doing, contributions for these two goals will be matched 1 to 1 by the Arts District.

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