N AMERICAN RED FERN FNDN Healing Though Horses

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Purpose statement: To reach at risk youth and adults with crisis prevention and life changing principles through the instrument of the hors

Since 1989, we have worked with thousands of youth. Many of whom fit into the category of "at risk youth".  Many of these youth are depressed, suicidal, in need of anger management, abandoned by parent(s), having a parent(s) in the military, or in jail/prison, financial disadvantaged, emotionally scared,  or physically injured.

What are things that make a youth at risk:

* Family Turmoil and Break Down * Dealing with Discrimination and Prejudices * Crime * Unsupervised and unguided youth (85% come from a one parent home) * Dealing with anger, aggression, & resentment with little or no outlet to express their hurt * Youth dealing poverty with little to no chance of developing a work ethic.* *Kids dealing with bullying * Those dealing with eating disorders and/or self infliction. * Behavioral Issues * Attention Deficit Disorder * Burn Victims *Anxiety Disorders *Victimization * Relationship Problems

THE SOLUTIONOur Stable's Programs and Farm Adventures. We offer a safe haven; 
with proven programs and a stable environment. We seek to provide solutions for vulnerable and at risk youth and adults.

Why Horses
  • Horse are extraordinarily responsive to human emotions and they can offer many positive opportunities for people to grow and heal.  
  • They teach people how to feel  self confidence.
  • They help people learn to adjust and deal with disappointment and respond to the present situation.
  • With horses, people enjoy a wholesome connection and communication with another living being in a non-exploitative relationship of mutual trust.
  • Horses see into the soul and they somehow know when a heart is hurting and they immediately respond.  Hurting people know that the horses understand
  • Touch and physical contact is vital for these youth.  For many, human touch comes with fear and baggage.  As the horses are touched, they are touching back, and it is safe on the hurting persons terms.  
Caitlin Collins, a personal development coach, worded it perfectly: 

The warm, accepting presence of a horse can provide a healing, safe environment in which to unlock blocked emotions, examine old limiting beliefs, and resolve past hurts.  People can gain confidence and insight by discovering  within themselves the qualities the horse is so good at eliciting, including trustworthiness, love, empathy, joyfulness, reciprocal giving and receiving, creativity, mutual trust and respect, confidence, assertiveness and leadership. We have the chance to experience what it is like to be different, with the horse's responses providing the external evidence for our change.

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