Nonprofits Assistance Fund

Nonprofits Assistance Fund invests in great nonprofits.

Nonprofits Assistance Fund invests capital and financial expertise in nonprofits. We have always lived in and served the nonprofit world so we understand the nuances of managing a nonprofit. The mission and success of nonprofits are our top priorities.

Nonprofit Lending

The loans we make help nonprofits expand programs, refine and improve services, and build facilities that anchor communities.  For us, it is more than a loan. Nonprofits are unique. Mission, program mix, funding streams, and business models all impact what kind of loan will work best. Our lending team understands the nuances of nonprofits, determines the best approach to meet your needs, and sticks with organizations to address challenges, ensuring success.

Financial Advice

When you need a trusted adviser, we are here to help.  We can answer your immediate questions, increase your understanding of your organization’s situation, and work with you to develop effective financial practices.

Trainings and Resources

Having the right tools to manage your organization’s money is essential to success. Our trainings and resources will help you develop practical skills, engage in strategic thinking, and build advanced financial management capabilities.  

What Our Clients Say

“They are actually the knight on the white horse for our organization. Many times they have helped us when everyone else did not seem to understand our needs or the needs of the community. It’s like talking to a friend, partner, teacher, mentor, and banker. They summarize in one, very approachable.”

- Dr. Vacharee Peterson, CEO, Community Dental Care

“NAF offers the highest quality customized financial training in the region. Our organization boasts several complex programs that are atypical for the nonprofit and only NAF is really in a position to provide the unique financial guidance we need to succeed.”

- Jason Edens, Executive Director at Rural Renewable Energy Alliance

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