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NFCR supports cancer research & public education relating to prevention, earlier detection, treatments and ultimately, a cure for cancer.

The late lawyer and entrepreneur Franklin Salisbury, Sr. read an article in 1971 about Dr. Szent-Györgyi, who had won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of vitamin C.  At the time, the famous scientist was working on his "bioelectronic theory" concerning the cause of cancer, but major funding bodies considered it too risky to warrant backing.  After reading about Szent-Györgyi, Salisbury sent him a $25 donation.  He received a heartfelt reply from the Nobel Prize winner:  "I am deeply touched by your generosity and compassion."

Over the next two years, Salisbury and Szent-Györgyi joined forces and focused on their common qualities - idealism and a willingness to take calculated risks - to form the National Foundation for Cancer Research, a "laboratory without walls" dedicated to supporting the promising cancer research of great scientists.

For over four decades, the National Foundation for Cancer Research has been committed to discovery-oriented scientific research - Research for a Cure - for all types of cancer. NFCR believe that in order to fully conquer this devastating disease, we must encourage innovative scientists to study cancer at its most fundamental level. Our funding of over 50 laboratories worldwide has led to some of the most significant breakthroughs in cancer research including new approaches such as targeted cancer therapies.

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