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May is Mental Health Awareness Month:  Help  Us Say “YES” to the People Who Turn to Nexus Family Healing for Help

  • 1 in 5 children experience a mental, emotional or behavioral health disorder; only 20% receive care from a mental health provider
  • 46% of Americans will have a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their life; half will develop conditions by the age of 14

Nexus Family Healing has seen a surge in the number of children, families and adults in dire need of mental health services but unable to afford the care they need. Lack of access to  care can have long-term detrimental impacts on the children and families themselves as well as our schools and  the community as a whole. 

 The Problem is REAL:  In the past 12 months...  

  • A young mother struggling with parenting and supporting her preschoolers through their increased anxiety couldn’t afford to get help because insurance would not cover therapy 
  • A man desperate for help with depression called one clinic after another for an appointment – all turned him away because his insurance didn’t cover mental health services. 
  • A struggling 10-year-old needed psychological testing to identify how best to help him but his parents couldn’t afford the out-of-pocket costs. 
  • A woman in her 70’s needed help for anxiety and depression but insurance would not cover the costs and she had no other way to pay 
  • A 17-year-old high school student was going to prematurely end the therapy that was helping her cope with COVID-related stress and isolation because her parents could no longer afford the cost
  • A young man struggling with his mental health stopped therapy because he was becoming more and more anxious about he’d manage to pay the high insurance deductible for his care

These are examples of the challenges our friends, family and neighbors are facing right now.

The Good News:  

Support from people like you allowed Nexus Family Healing to say “yes” to each of these individuals and they were able to get the care they needed despite their financial challenges. 

Your generous donation will help us say “yes” to even more children, families and adults throughout Minnesota.  

When you give to Nexus Family Healing, you’re creating the possibility of healthier children, hope for families, more stable communities, and a better world—now and into the future. 

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