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New Heights School is a small community school located in Stillwater, MN. It opened in 1993 as the 1st K-12 charter school in the USA.

New Heights School is a small community school serving students in the greater St. Croix Valley and is located in Stillwater, MN near the beautiful St. Croix River.  The school has evolved over its 21 years and has developed a solid reputation as being a very warm and nurturing educational environment.  Families and students choose to enroll at New Heights for many reasons, but of particular importance is the small sizes unrivaled in this area.  Teachers of New Heights are able to form very appropriate, long-lasting relationships with students, which almost always translates into improved student success over time. 

New Heights focuses efforts on assisting students to develop higher levels of personal responsibilty and self-reliance.  Teachers stress the importance of attendance, academic accountability, and problem solving.  In many cases, students transfer to New Heights after experiencing frustration in the local traditional school setting.  At New Heights, individual student needs are taken into consideration when designing the master schedule.  Teachers get to know students at a higher level at New Heights and are better able to customize lessons to students based on his or her individual needs.  This approach typically leads to higher levels of academic success and higher levels of self-esteem within our students. 

The demographics of New Heights are considerably different from the traditional school system found locally.  For example, approximately 10% of students residing in Washington county are eligible to receive a free or reduced price lunch, whereas more than 60% of New Heights' students are eligible for the same program.  And, approximately 10% of students residing in Washington county are eligible for some level of special education support, whereas more than 30% of New Heights' students have a diagnosed learning disability.  It is quite clear that population of students typically served by New Heights is a population in need of extra support.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and humbly received.  We assure you that 100% of your contribution will be allocated to goods or services that will directly impact students and learning. 

Please consider making a contribution of any size to the students of New Heights School of Stillwater, MN.  Thank you. 

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