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For decades, Nepal Tiger Trust has been monitoring individual resident tigers, supporting anti-poaching activities, and mitigating human tiger conflict in collaboration with the Park management and local communities to safe guard this magnificent animal in their natural environment. 

And this year your support means more than ever.    

So much about the world has changed. But our love of tigers is unwavering, and our ability to saving the animal has never been greater. 

Each day TIGERS faces many challenges to survive in their natural environment including habitat degradation, human encroachment, human tiger conflicts and illegal hunting / killing. 

Give the gift to saving tigers from these challenges.

Your support ensure critical field projects:

- Long Term Tiger Monitoring: to understand the status of individual resident tigers and its reproductive history on yearly basis

- Participatory Anti-poaching Project: Support respective Park managements in antipoaching activities efforts to make zero poaching year

- Human Tiger Conflict: Mitigate human tiger conflict working together with local communities creating awareness and information sharing

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