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NHFC:  Educating Citizens about Health Freedom and Working to Ensure Your Access to the Healing Resources You Choose

We know the constant attacks to our health freedoms can feel daunting. Government and corporations continue to ask people to acquiesce to medical mandates against their will. At the same time, they are actively working to censor speech and go after the licenses, credentials and reputations of doctors, scientists, and any others that speak out against the narrative of “safe and effective” or speak in support of alternative treatments for health and healing. What can we do to change that? How do we reclaim our health freedom before it’s too late? 

You should have the right to access the practitioners of the healing arts that you know are best for you.  You should be able to access the healing products, herbs, homeopathic remedies, supplements and others, and truthful information about their effects, that you choose.  Parents should be able to make their best decision about the health care of their children, including decisions about vaccinations.  

National Health Freedom Coalition is raising awareness about the obstacles to your choices, and about solutions that are working. NHFC is working together with National Health Freedom Action (NHFA).  NHFA is lobbying to make changes, such as safe harbor laws that are now working in ten states to give herbalists, homeopaths, traditional naturopaths, health coaches and many others exemptions from medical practice act charges of practicing medicine without a license.  

NHFC educates citizens about health freedom and works with dedicated activists from around the country to help them understand their rights and how to protect them! If you are as passionate as we are about health freedom, then we hope you’ll consider supporting National Health Freedom Coalition with a donation and our Give to the Max campaign. 

Please give whatever you can to support NHFC's work to protect your health freedom, here in Minnesota, and around the country. Give to the Max 2022 Early Giving has started and your gift today is part of the Minnesota phenomenon of generosity to make good things happen!

Thank you from our team here at National Health Freedom Coalition!

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