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We Education, Empower, Inspire & Inform the COMMUNITY!

The National Empowerment Group, Inc., is a sustainable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has hosted various empowerment programs and events in the community. Over the years, we have honored more than 80 women and approximately 4,000 people have attended our empowerment programs. We are humbly seeking your support, which we will contribute directly to our women and girls programs (1) Girls on the Move!  (2) Healthy Girls Make Healthy Women to name a few.

Our Mission is to provide educational, professional and personal development programs that empower women and girls to reach their goals while providing the appropriate support. 

Upcoming Event/Program: On Saturday March 11, 2017 we are hosting the 9th Annual Women "UNITE" To Win Women’s Appreciation “Platinum” Community Leadership Luncheon. This year we are honoring some of Minnesota’s outstanding leaders. These phenomenal women have dedicated their lives to making a difference in our community and have paved the way for other aspiring leaders. This empowerment program is one of four events the weekend of March 9-12, 2017 for Women's History Month. It will educate our community about the health disparities that exist while raising awareness of various wellness and fitness initiatives. A portion of the proceeds will support the National Empowerment Group, Inc. programs. 

Here are a few of our programs/events: 
  • Girls on the Move! - This competency-based comprehensive diverse after-school youth development program that addresses the challenges and needs of girls, while continuing to inspire, empower and motivate them toward successful academic outcomes. The program will assess the strengths and weaknesses of school-age girls while improving student achievement.  We will collaborate with the school and parents to empower girls to be intelligent, productive and respected young women. Our creative competency based workshops, projects and field trips girls will enhance their ability to make smart/safe decisions and unlock their academic and leadership abilities. These group lead programs facilitated by knowledge-based community mentors are great for “at-risk” or “non at-risk” students that need additional competency based academic advising, personal/professional guidance and direction.
  • Healthy Girls Make Healthy Women! - This competency-based program introduces healthy core values to girls that help shape their self-image, self-esteem and self-reliance. These values are delivered in an age-appropriate manner. It is based on a coordinated support system comprised of various healthy professionals, motivational speakers, mentors and often times the parents themselves. This program addresses the healthy needs and challenges of girls, while continuing to uplift, empower and motivate them toward successful healthy outcomes. It is progressive and educates girls about living a healthy lifestyle at an early age. 
  • Line Dancing & Stepping (In the Name of Health & Fitness) - This program is one of the pride and joys of the National Empowerment Group, Inc. The locally popular steppers and line dance organization COMMAND STEPPERS will provide skilled classroom experienced dance instructors. This program builds self-esteem, confidence, tenacity, educates about the importance of respecting boundaries, effective communication and discipline through dance.
  • Women "UNITE" to WIN Women's Appreciation Luncheon/Banquet - This is an exceptional and unforgettable annual empowerment event filled with education and networking. This powerful program acknowledges phenomenal girls and women in the Twin Cities area as it assists with overcoming personal and professional obstacles and it educates and empowers the community. This extraordinary event will motivate you to achieve at the highest level. 
We develop programs that cater to your needs. We focus on girls and women empowerment, health & wellness, financial fitness, mentoring and so much more!

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Your donation will help us continue to empower, motivate and inspire the community. 

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