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My Pit Bull is Family is a volunteer operated, Minneapolis based 501c3 non-profit organization with a strong focus on addressing systemic inequities in pet guardianship as well as improving access to veterinary care, pet supplies, and dog-inclusive rental housing. We can accomplish these objectives through our progressive programs including our National Dog-Inclusive Rental Housing Database and North Minneapolis Pet Resource Center (NMPRC) program. 

Through our housing database, our volunteer team members reach out to landlords and property management companies to determine if they are dog-inclusive and, if so, to what degree. In addition, we also have conversations with landlords/companies who do not have inclusive policies with the hopes of presenting them with data on how these policies negatively affect renters with pets. 

Our North Minneapolis Pet Resource Center was launched in 2019 as a means to improve access to animal-related resources for the citizens of the Near North community of Minneapolis. Since its inception, more than 2,000 pets (1,000 families) have received services including free pet food, subsidized veterinary care, pet supplies, microchips, and more. Through this community center, we are changing the conversation surrounding poverty and pets in the Minneapolis area. We know that where there are people - there are pets. 

At My Pit Bull is Family, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the comfort and love that comes from having a pet in one's life. We also believe in fostering the deep connections people have with pets that transcend socioeconomic, racial, and geographic boundaries. 

To do this, we recognize we need to work towards ending systemic inequity, and the institutional barriers that exist within our communities and animal welfare while also addressing the lack of access to care and resources that exist in these under-resourced and underserved communities.

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